Remove DNS Unlocker malware from Chrome, Firefox and IE

    The foremost reason to uninstall DNS Unlocker is because it displays tons of ads instead of only providing proxy service claimed to be the app’s main feature.

    DNS Unlocker is essentially a mix of sought-after functionality and critical diminishing of a customer’s Internet browsing experience. The marketing part of this program’s operational plan is misleadingly well organized as it promises the earth while in fact intending to disrupt and annoy. Officially, DNS Unlocker goes the well-trodden path of proxying one’s web traffic markers that denote the person’s geolocation. This type of service is currently in demand because it powers privacy protection online and allows users to access popular sites, media resources for the most part, which leverage a rigid blacklisting scheme for treating their clients.

    It’s no mystery that big on-demand video and music portals like Spotify, Netflix, ITV and many more have come to restrict their visitor audience based on criteria that some consider discriminative, namely the IP address localization and other ISP related attributes. Now, the product under analysis is supposedly capable of simulating Internet traffic so that pages of interest can be visited without limitations and for free. What ends up happening to the computer is, unfortunately, something highly undesirable – it’s all about intrusive advertisements appearing all throughout sites.

    Appearance of DNS Unlocker does not augur well for the PC
    Appearance of DNS Unlocker does not augur well for the PC

    Compared with the harsh ads infestation, the virtual private networking capability of DNS Unlocker is somewhere on the back burner. Having jacked up a PC, this application modifies the local area connection settings so that injecting arbitrary third-party content in the browser becomes a piece of cake. Every website opened in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer comes up stained with fragments of text that turn bluish and return popups whenever the mouse is on them, with links to miscellaneous merchant pages enclosed. Aside from that, Ads by DNS Unlocker include comparison shopping boxes, banners, deals, coupons and giveaways. While these items hover above the original objects provided by site owners, interstitial and transitional ads show up in a flash and then hang behind the rest of the opened windows. All of these significantly slow down the browser and make the machine waste its CPU resources to handle the commercial rubbish.

    Ad by DNS Unlocker popping up from hyperlinked text
    Ad by DNS Unlocker popping up from hyperlinked text

    This adware is being distributed through bundled installations, where the setup of some free utilities is sustained by wizards that incorporate third-party programs alongside the main one. The most frequently encountered accomplices of the infection in this context are open source multimedia players, video games and uncertified versions of critical software like Adobe products. The foul installation clients usually contain a checkmark to opt out of the bundle under the custom mode, but noticing this might be hard.

    It’s not a trivial enterprise to get rid of commonplace adware, but removing DNS Unlocker is yet more complicated. Since the app interferes with Internet protocol properties on the box, remediating the damage implies LAN troubleshooting along with browser-specific and program data manipulations.

    Run security software to remove DNS Unlocker virus

    Antimalware industry has got an efficient response to threats like DNS Unlocker. A combination of signature-based detection and heuristics built into the recommended security tool can accurately identify the plague so that removal becomes a simple, one-click experience.

    1. Download and install DNS Unlocker remover. Once the tool is running, click Start Computer Scan.

      Download Ads by DNS Unlocker remover

    2. Upon completion of the scan, the program will display a list of harmful items that were detected. Select the Fix Threats feature in order to have the adware automatically removed.

    Manually uninstall the malware using Programs and Features

    1. Access the Control Panel. Click on Programs and select Uninstall a programControl Panel Programs
    2. Click the Installed On column title to sort the list of programs by date, which makes it easier to spot the recent ones. Look for suspicious entries. If DNS Unlocker is listed (which isn’t always the case), select the program and hit the Uninstall button at the top, or select the corresponding option from the right-click context menuUninstall a program

    Undo malicious LAN settings

    1. On Control Panel’s main screen, select View network status and tasks under the Network and Internet sectionView network status and tasks
    2. Select EthernetEthernet
    3. Go to PropertiesEthernet Properties
    4. Locate Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) entry, select it and click the Properties buttonIPv4 Properties
    5. Under General tab, select the Obtain DNS server address automatically option. The preferred and alternate DNS server values assigned by the adware will be henceforth no longer validObtain DNS server address automatically
    6. Save the changes by hitting OK

    Remove Ads by DNS Unlocker from the web browser

    The technique covered below is intended to restore original settings of the browsers targeted by this adware. Please be advised that all benign add-ons as well as cached information and website data will be lost along with the malicious components.

    Troubleshoot Google Chrome malfunctioning

    1. Go to the Chrome menu icon as shown below and pick Settings on the listChrome Settings
    2. Select Show advanced settings at the very bottom of the screenChrome Advanced settings
    3. Click the Reset settings buttonChrome Reser settings
    4. Read the notification carefully to learn what types of data will be erased and click ResetReset Chrome
    5. Restart the Chrome browser.

    Fix the problem in Mozilla Firefox

    1. Type about:support in address bar to bring up the Troubleshooting information pageFirefox about:support
    2. Click Refresh Firefox button in the right-hand grayish boxFirefox Troubleshooting information
    3. Peruse the alert. If you agree to the changes, click Refresh FirefoxRefresh Firefox
    4. Restart Firefox.

    Restore Internet Explorer defaults

    1. Click Tools or Gear icon in IE and pick Internet Options from the suggested entriesInternet Explorer Options
    2. Go to Advanced tab and click Reset buttonReset Internet Explorer settings
    3. Enable the Delete personal settings feature and click Reset to completeReset IE
    4. It takes a PC reboot for the changes to be applied, so go ahead and follow the prompts.

    Put the finishing touches to DNS Unlocker removal

    Adware activity isn’t restricted to adding malicious browser extensions and program files. These sorts of infections are known to also meddle with Registry information and system startup settings, consequently a thoroughgoing fix may involve more action than manual troubleshooting. So consider rescanning your PC to make sure the threat is no longer there.

    Download DNS Unlocker removal tool

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